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The city of Lockhart is located near central Texas. Which means it’s in the sweet spot because Lockhart is only 25 miles southeast of Austin, 74 miles northeast of San Antonio, and 158 miles from Houston. It’ll be hard not to have your week or weekend fully planned of activities from the great cities that are relatively close to you. This is a really great perk!

The census of 2012 in Lockhart was 12,913, 97% of those people lived in urban area and the other 3% lived in rural areas. But the population numbers haven’t seen a significant increase, since the 2000 census, Lockhart has only seen a 11.2% increase in population. The estimated median household income is about $39,952, and just like the slow increase in population, the average income in 2000 was $35,763.

A fun fact about the town’s name is it was named after Byrd Lockhart, who was an assistant surveyor of Green DeWiit. Bryd Lockhart was also reportedly the first Anglo to step into the Caldwell County (where to Lockhart town is located).

USDA Loans LockhartWhat’s really surprising about Lockhart is there have been entire movies filmed in this town, some fully shot in Lockhart, while others were partially filmed in Lockhart. In total, there are over 30 movies that have been filmed. Some movies date back to 1972 and even till todays time where the most recent movie was (2012) The Woodsman! Here is a very short list of the movies that have been filmed:

  • (2012) A Splice of Life
  • (2007) Theft
  • (2010) Temple Grandin
  • (1999) 6 Miles of 8 Feet

Did we mention that Lockhart Texas has one of the most amazing places for Texas BBQ, look them up and stop in, you will be delighted by the quality, taste and service.

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We know most of our customers are anxious about the part in the home loan process. They want to know the amount they’ll be approved for to see if it will be enough to get their dream home. Listed below is a basic list of criteria that will be looked over for your home loan approval process:

  1. Your credit history from the past years
  2. How much your financial income is compared to your expenses
  3. Your income, bonuses, commission, and if they’re reliable

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Application process

  1. Apply online and pass the eligibility test.
  2. Find a lender who will happily walk you through the appraisal process.
  3. Settle for an amortization period that includes one for 30 years, at a fixed rate, or 15 years, interest rate.
  4. Start living in your new residence.

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